Karim darwish

2009 Men’s World Number 1

“Hesham is one of the greatest squash coaches of all time. He was coaching me for more than four years and they were the best four years in my squash career, as he wasn’t only my squash coach, but my friend and mentor as well.”


2010 Men’s World Number 1

“Coach Hesham is one of the best squash coaches, if not the best I have ever dealt with. On and off court, his mental aspect of the game is very smart, unique and strategic as well as his skill development perspective which allows him to coach older pros and younger kids. It is an honor and a pleasure to be able to be coached by him. And I am sure he will continue to strive to be the best in the squash world.”

AMR khaled khalifa

2010 World Junior Open Squash Champion

2013 U.S. College Squash Individual Champion

“Coach Hesham El Attar is by far the most passionate, knowledgeable and dedicated squash expert. His love and commitment to the game is reflected in the outstanding results of all his players, and he is the main reason behind my successful squash career.”

Derek hsue

U.S. Junior BU19 Number 1

US Junior National Team

“Hesham has years of experience of coaching at the highest level, and is able to translate that expertise to players of all levels. He was instrumental in improving my technical and tactical understanding of the game. With Hesham’s help, I was able to fulfill my potential and accomplish my goals!”

karim ABDEL gawad

Current World Number 5

“Hesham coached me for six years. We started when I was 16 and when I started the PSA. When I was 18, he totally changed my game. He improved my skills and taught me how to play like a mature player. By far he is my favorite coach. Thank you Coach Hesham.”

ahmed abdel khalek

2015, 2016 Two-time U.S. College Squash Individual Champion

“I’d like to take a moment to congratulate coach Hesham El Attar for opening his squash club in New Jersey. Hesham has been more than just a coach! He’s been a friend, mentor and role model to everyone in the squash community. Without his help and support I never would have achieved my goals both in Egypt and in the U.S. It was an honor to have been coached by a world class talent such as Hesham and I wish him nothing but the best going forward.”

tarek momen

Current World Number 4

“We worked together for more than eight years and I learned so much from him. Technically he’s one of the best in the world. His understanding of the game and the needs of each of his players is quite remarkable. Not to mention his dedication and work ethic are second to none. Coach Hesham provides guidance to his players that far exceeds the boundaries of a squash court. We love spending time with him and I always sought his advice in all matters of life.”

omneya abdel kawy

Former World Number 4

Women’s World Open Finalist

“Coach Hesham is one of the best coaches ever all over the world. He taught me everything inside and outside the court (discipline, sportsmanship, commitment, leadership, techniques, etc.) He lifted me up when I was down and made sure my teammates and I were back on our feet and on the right track. Thank you Coach for everything. Without him, I wouldn’t have been where I am today.”

Keith lamp

MIT Varsity Member

“Why is Hesham the best squash coach in the world? He understands squash like no other and has a way of describing the game that is very understandable for the student. Whether it’s about improving technique to move around the court most efficiently or improving accuracy and maintaining deception, he always finds a way to make sure the player understands the technique and how it will benefit their game. Training with Hesham gives you a different perspective on the strategy of squash and also on how different techniques are optimal in different situations during the rally. Regardless of whether it’s on court training, fitness training, video analysis, or tournament coaching, he always provides deeper insight that will greatly improve your overall understanding of the game. Also, along with all the fun we have on court, as long as the training gets done, he enjoys having fun off the court as well.”